Tuesday, October 20, 2015

one month in praha...

i was just going to post pictures of our time on instagram, but realized this trip we're on also is worthy of a blog...

we rented out our house for a year and left on an adventure of a lifetime...

here's raleigh and me right when we got on the plane from new york to prague, minutes before he threw up all over me and weston and then continued every ten minutes for the entire flight.

but we survived, and we quickly felt the magic of prague.

the first two weeks we powered through checking out a lot of the sights and walking everywhere. we tried to get by like how the europeans do it and have raleigh take his nap in the stroller. needless to say, for the first three weeks i was up every night for three hours with him and he was wide awake and wouldn't go back to sleep. we realized something needed to change, or we were going to have a miserable, sleep deprived time.

we adjusted to the time change eventually and got in a rhythm and now it is beginning to feel more like home. i am thankful that most people can understand and/or speak english. because of that, i have been able to get by going to the store or interacting with the czech people in general. i feel safe and comfortable where we are as well...as do the boys...they love it here.

more to come soon...i have a lot of catching up to do! xo

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  1. oh lynsey i love your blog!! and i love your voice...so fun and interesting!! can't wait for your next post!! love the photos too!!