Monday, October 26, 2015

our weekend in germany...

we took a lovely two hour train ride to stay in a town called ostrau. 

our train dropped us off in a town called bad schandau, where we took a taxi way up into the hills to stay at this super sweet airbnb house...the boys loved playing with their wagons in the garden. the people who owned the house treated us like their children. they gave the boys presents, drove us into town to go to the store, drove us back to the train station when we left...pretty awesome the love they displayed, even though the women didn't speak any english and her husband just a little.

we went on one of the most gorgeous hikes/walks i've ever been on.  it started right outside their door...

the next day we took an elevator down into bad schandau to get on a bus to take us to the konigstein fortress...a spectacular castle!

weston was in heaven pretending he was king of the castle...


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  1. oh i love seeing your photos from your visit to germany!! it looks so glad you met such a loving wonderful family there!! you all look so adorable!! hugs and big kisses!!